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Ways to fight invasive plant species

Invasive plants are those that are introduced in a foreign environment and which spread producing adverse effects. There are several ways to combat them and stop their proliferation by means of the use of technical solutions whose effectiveness varies according to the features of the species. A long-term solution alternative is the prevention through awareness-raising campaigns, which should be combined with a continual monitoring of the health status of forests. The importance of preventing the spread of invasive plants Invasive plants are exotic species that, after their introduction in a new environment, spread very quickly causing a negative impact....

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Innovations that are changing wildlife conservation – live cam project

Many institutions like Wheeler national Wildlife Refuge are resorting to technology resources to study the activities of animals in their natural habitat without affecting their behavior. The main goal of this kind of innovative projects is to preserve these species and improve their health and quality of life. Additionally, such strategies enable people to enjoy the most captivating biodiversity of our world. Endangered species that can be preserved with the assistance of technology In Estonia, a project involving a camera and an immense forest is allowing through streaming a dynamic interaction with a small group of ospreys. The creators...

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The Refuge

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) consists of 37,000 acres of Federal land that represents a diverse biological community. The Refuge also supports the largest concentration of Sandhill Cranes in the state and is the winter home for an increasing number of the endangered Whooping Crane. The cranes (Sandhills and Whooping) can be easily viewed from the comfort of the Wildlife Observation Building which is a short walk from the Visitor Center. Projects 1) Wildlife Live Cam Project WWRA will be providing funds for the installation of a live cam inside one of the Wood Duck nesting boxes at the Visitor...

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