photo wildlifeGeorge Lee has been taking photos of the refuge.
Mr George Lee has been taking photos of the refuge. He is an excellent wildlife photographer. Some of the photos are on flikr and  they are really, really, high quality.

Local events

Visit our information booth and learn about us at these events

We often have an information booth at events around North Alabama:

Please keep an eye on this space for announcements of upcoming locations.

Come visit our booth, meet some of our members and learn more about the association, what we are doing to help Wheeler Wildlife Refuge and how you can help us.

Our new Web Site

I would like to introduce myself. I am Phillip Hunt. I am a member of the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge Association and a volunteer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Our old association web site was not up to date and had been without a web master for some time. I have experience with computers and web sites and I am now the web master for this our new site.
I worked with our hosting company Widenet Consulting on the design and content of this new site. The site went live on April 12, 2010.
I will keep the new site up to date and hope that you will enjoy visiting our web site as well as the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.

Whooping Cranes return to Wheeler

We are pleased that five of the nine 2011 Operation Migration ultra-light led Whooping cranes have returned to Wheeler. It is turning out to be a great winter for viewing Whooping Cranes!  We are seeing up to seven Whoopers daily in the fields surrounding the Visitor Center and Wildlife Observation Building.  We’ve also counted over 7,000 Sandhill cranes and 10,000 ducks in this same location.