According to nutritionists, eating foods with the right minerals and nutrients does not only nourish your skin but also nails and hair. Contrary to what most people believe, nails receive nutrients directly from the blood through blood vessels and not from creams and nail polishes. Denying your body these nutrients may result in malnourishment of different body components including nails. Every component in the body is closely related, for this reason, nails require all the minerals and vitamins generally needed by the body even those that do not contribute directly to the nails. Minerals that directly affect the nature of nails are Iron, Copper, Zinc together with Vitamins B12, A, H, and C. Each of these nutrients contributes uniquely to nail nourishment and lack of either of them may affect nails negatively.

Poor hygiene and poor diet may result in nail-related illnesses such as bacterial and fungal infections and changes in nail color. A condition such as fungal infection is embarrassing and can worsen if not treated. Fortunately, there is a wide range of treatments ranging from doctors prescription to over the counter treatments as well as home remedies such as vinegar. ZetaClear is also a known treatment for fungal infections of the nails; the ingredients of this product are purely natural and have been proven by FDA as safe for human use.

Healthy ways of preventing nail fungal and bacterial infections.

Fungal infections can be of the hair, skin or nails and each case presents unique symptoms and treatment but in this case, we will dwell on prevention of the nail infection. First of all, ensure the nails are well trimmed and groomed at all times. Avoid going to public places like pools and gym without footwear.  It is also important that you shun from sharing personal items such as socks and shoes, especially with an infected person. For those already suffering from the infection, they can see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment advice. To completely do away with the infection ZetaClear is the best option and will take less time to show remarkable results. Finally, always keep nails dry as much as possible and in case one finger is affected, use separate scissors to cut it to avoid spreading the infection to other nails.