Many institutions like Wheeler national Wildlife Refuge are resorting to technology resources to study the activities of animals in their natural habitat without affecting their behavior. The main goal of this kind of innovative projects is to preserve these species and improve their health and quality of life. Additionally, such strategies enable people to enjoy the most captivating biodiversity of our world.

Endangered species that can be preserved with the assistance of technology

In Estonia, a project involving a camera and an immense forest is allowing through streaming a dynamic interaction with a small group of ospreys. The creators of the program installed a filming device right next to the nest in which a chick of this species is being raised. During the day, people can observe in real time, how parents bring food to feed their baby bird, among other activities.

Technology innovations are allowing the implementation of similar projects in many places around the world which help to identify the most suitable strategies to preserve endangered species. For instance, SEO/Birdlife is undertaking conservationist programs through the installation of webcams on the nests of threatened feathered creatures.

Birds like the Swallow and the Peregrine Falcon can be appreciated with all their magnificence with the assistance of high definition cameras that are strategically located near their nests. These devices are installed in such way that they not affect the natural behavior of these animals, helping to collect valuable knowledge related to their biology and their livelihood.

On the other hand, National Geographic magazine and the University of Georgia have joined efforts to implement a project that consists in the study of outdoor activities of domestic cats. Through the footages collected in real time it is possible to observe life form the perspective of these felines who carry a tiny camera with them.

Raising awareness in regards to the importance of all kinds of life

Webcam projects also involve educational purposes, since they allow people of all ages to observe the magnificent equilibrium of nature and the complexity of all living beings that surround us. Many conservationist institutions like Wheeler national Wildlife Refuge provide an open window to wildlife. Thanks to the launching of a network of filming devices, during a specific season, it is possible to observe live images of some of the most emblematic species.

Webcams have revolutionized the relationship between humans and wild animals. These devices offer a privileged perspective from which it is possible to appreciate different species and learn much more about them without harassing them. Nature fans become invisible and silent observers of the most fascinating creatures without interfering with their activities.

Live transmissions of wildlife have as a main goal to raise awareness about what really means to observe an animal on its natural habitat without producing a negative impact. The audience can contemplate the way each creature unfolds on its habitual surroundings while respecting its space. Kids can learn from an early age the important is each living being for the equilibrium of the environment. It will help to create a consciousness of responsibility in future generations that will actively work on the preservation of a healthy planet.